Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Pollok Christmas

Every year, Liza asks for new family photos. Here's a sampling of this years lot.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Thought we'd make you guys jealous with a little Texas snow. The kids didn't really get into it as much as their parents did (okay, their dad did), but they thought it was interesting. Here are some pics.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Izzy's Third Birthday

Yes, our little babies are growing up. Don't even talk about the fact that Andrew is about to be five...it makes Liza teary. Anyway, we wanted to share some photos of our beautiful little girl and her "princess party at the park." We rented a jumping "princess" castle (that happened to have a creepy clown head on the top) and a local enclosed park. It actually proved to be a great idea. A princess castle cake and Liza's homemade cupcakes topped off the event. Kids were running around, sliding, screaming, bouncing, and laughing. It was a blast. Best part: no clean up. Little Izzy still hasn't stopped talking about it. And according to her, now that she's three, she's "a big girl now

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Brand New Pollok

We added a fifth Pollok to the family today. Let me introduce you to Eve Pollok, by far the most popular of the Pollok's the last 24 hours or so. So popular in fact, that her four legs have rarely touched the ground. She is a nine-week old miniature dachshund, and an early Christmas present for the two best little kids on the planet (sometimes). They have been going absolutely crazy over her today. Needless to say, at 1:47 am as I write this, all three of them are sound asleep, completely worn out from chasing and playing and...you know, kid stuff.

They meet at last...

Yes, our little man got to meet his favorite toy...buddy...friend, thing. Last weekend all four of us traveled too far (and with way too much drama) to see Thomas the Tank Engine on "A Day Out with Thomas." The pictures should tell you all you need to know. Hundreds of kids (many with frustratingly oblivious parents), carnival food, games, jumping castles (complete with real vomit), four - Yes, FOUR - train tables of various kids for four hundred Thomas fans. Can you spell CONCENTRATED CHAOS. But, all in all, we managed to have a really good time. Izzy took her picture with Sir Toppam Hat while Andrew vied for a spot at a train table, and we all went on a ride with Thomas. It was really a beautiful day, wonderful weather, and great memories. That is, until the overly dramatic drive home. Conclusion: "A Day Out with Thomas" was fun, but way too far away.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happenings Lately

Liza has been doing better and better. Her headaches are not as frequent and she's experiencing generally better days more and more. She still has some tingling in her face and arms but even that seems to be off and on. Thanks for your prayers.

The kids are great. These pics are from my brother Travis' wedding a few weeks ago. They are growing quickly and smarting up quite a bit. Izzy, who won't be three until November, can hold a conversation with you as long as you want to - that is if big brother isn't around. Andrew is extremely keen too. He's enjoying his second year at pre-school where he found a new "best friend," Nicholas.

I've been loving my job as a teaching pastor, which I've been at for two months now. I'm through my first series and starting my second. It's been a total joy.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane Ike...Before and After

We have survived Ike. Like many others we feel blessed to still have all of our family, our home, our pets, and basically all our belongings undamaged after such a frightfully menacing storm. We weathered the storm here at our home, Liza, the two kids, Sonja (Liza's mum) and I. That decision was made not without much consideration and careful study of the storm's path and strength. The only problem was Ike. He was rated a Category 2 storm (max sustained winds 110 mph), but many of his characteristics were more like a Category 4 storm. For instance, at one point the storm covered almost the entire Gulf of Mexico in its circular clouds and storms. It raised the level of ocean water almost 20 feet and sent wave after destructive wave into the bay of Houston and onto Galveston Island.

Here, near The Woodlands I wasn't worried about water or rain. Our home has a high foundation and can handle a really big flood. But winds...we were very worried about the winds. Our best estimate is that we experienced sustained winds at around 50 or 60 mph, but it probably gusted to 90 or 100 mph. That is what caused our damage.

These first pictures were taken a couple months ago for an architect that is helping us plan a long driveway and add on to the house. They happen to show the yard the way it was. The following pictures are similar shots the morning of Saturday September the 13, just hours after the eye pasted to the east of us. We had a total of 8 large trees down, three of them pine trees, and one of them 120 feet tall. At least three of them (with many others that didn't fall) could have cut our house in two. They all landed away from the house at various angles. (The only structural damage we incurred was when I took down a very large red oak tree myself, some hours before the storm. It was rotten at the base and hanging over the back of our house.

I remember thinking early in the morning on Saturday, after the power went out and the winds were gusting and howling - "I have made the wrong decision. We should not be here." That was one of the worst nights of my life. Tensing, waiting, squinting with each gust and expecting a loud crash or boom as a tree met the house. The only solace I was able to find was if I continued to pray instead of worry and wait. My prayer was singular and simple: Protect my family. Well that prayer was answered in the fullest sense. God spared us, our house, our dog, and my mother-in-laws house too. Liza and Sonja's studio was without damage, all of our cars were okay. How could it have been any better really.
On Sunday afternoon all five of us loaded up and made the trip to Falls City, my hometown near San Antonio, Texas. My parents welcomed us with open arms and didn't mention that they had "told us so." We won't make that mistake again. But we are the most fortunate ones in Houston. There are sections of the city that look like war zones, and whole subdivisions on the island of Galveston that have disappeared...just gone. Our electricity was restored on Thursday at about noon while my dad and I were here cleaning up the damage.

Next time...we are outta here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunkerin' Down

Well Hurricane Ike is upon us. We've decided to shelter in place like most of our friends and neighbors. We've also spent all day taking necessary precautions and preparing our back yard, front porch and house for the high winds.

There was a semi-rotten tree in our back yard hanging dangerously over our carport. Notice the verb tense - was. I decided to make a preemptive strike and take her down before Ike had a chance to and our carport suffered an inevitably large headache. Trying my best and even getting counsel from an older neighbor, we prepared and cranked up the chain saw. And despite our brilliant efforts, the tree crashed into the house anyway. Just a bit though - much less that it would had we left it alone. It caught the last 12 inches or so of the corner of the roof as it crashed to the ground - right where my lovely wife was standing (you should have seen her run and hide!). I was able to repair the damage and we should be okay.

Anyway pray for us and others in Southeast Texas over the next few days. There's no telling what we're in for. Blessings.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Better and Better

We celebrated our birthdays this weekend (Scot 24th, Liza 25th of August), and a funny change is taking place - besides our rising numbers of persistent aches. Since Liza was born in Australia on the 25th and I in Texas on the 24th, she figured out before we were even engaged that she was actually out of the womb 3 hours earlier than I was - even though the date is different because of the time change. For years we've been playfully bantering back and forth on who is older. You know what...she's beginning to let me win. I don't think either of us are "old" by a long shot, but I think we're both beginning to feel the accumulation of thousands of tiny changes that remind us we're not teenagers anymore. It's all kinda fun.

To celebrate we just took a night and a day vacation. A dear sweet family watched our two lovely children and we just enjoyed each others company at dinner, walking around, running errands, exercising and cooking. It was fantastic. All she wanted for her birthday was to get her hair done and to have a new diamond ring. The hair - worth every penny. The ring - $30. That's all she wanted. A cheap knock-off. I look forward to one day getting her a real one to take it's place. (She has a really nice wedding ring by the way - a real one - much more than $30.)

She is also beginning to feel "normal" a bit more regularly. Rest has helped. She has also decided to get completely off all medications and oddly enough, that has seemed to help. So keep praying for her, the pain and tightness and discomfort is FAR from gone, but better days have come. We pray for more. Many blessings.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Year Anniversary and Birthday

August 24-25 will mark the one year anniversary of Liza's Chiari symptoms. I remember going in to work on that day and getting a call from her that the whole left side of her face was numb and it was creeping down into her arm. Well, four MRI's, a major brain surgery, countless physical therapy appointments, and months of headaches bring us here. Liza has been doing better lately. She has been resting a bit better and still experiencing intermittent relief from headaches. Keep praying for her.

Oh, August 25 is her birthday. Some well wishes or comments would be great.

A New Idea

I've recently started a new blogging venture that is intended to be more devotional. Please let me know what you think.
It's called OMNI relevant.



Monday, August 11, 2008

Still Here...Lots of News

Well, the summer has almost come and gone for us. School and dance and pre-school are just around the corner for the Pollok family. And we've got much to catch you up on. This very old mosaic of bread and fish illustrates our summer experience in a lot of ways - as John 6 has become extremely important to us.

First of all, Liza has been doing a bit better lately, although inconsistently. We have actually seen some minor and short reprieves in the constant headache, that lasted about 15 weeks or so. We still think it is related to a cycle of headaches that are heavily dependent on stress, tension, and poor sleep - with which Liza has been excelling. This week she was supposed to be in China doing some choreography and dancing as a part of a ministry team during the Olympics - see earlier post with super-secret wording. But, the visas were denied and the trip was cancelled. But, even though China may not be an option, continue to pray for China and other opportunities for foreign missions for Liza and her dancers. Liza also enjoyed a bit of a break while I was in Dallas. Grandma and Pop Pollok took Andrew and Izzy both back to Falls City for about 6 days. They went fishing and took a trip to Sea World etc. It was a great time for them, and for Liza, who didn't really know what to do with herself for those 6 days. She slept in, had to work a bit, but just tried to relax. I think she succeeded too.

Liza also hosted and taught her annual summer camp/intensive at the studio with her mum last week. She had a bunch of students and it turned out very well. One of the students was our little Izzy, who went every day for an hour or so. She even put on a little "show" at the end of the week - dancing to a 3 minute song with a dozen other little dancers. It was precious. Pictures soon to come.

I have been busy lately too. After summer speaking waned, I traveled to Dallas for a week to take a New Testament class at the main campus of my seminary. It was a good class but I also got to spend several hours in the library doing some key research for my thesis - about 24 hours in total, to be exact. 2 classes this Fall, and 3 more in the Spring and graduation! If things remain close to the same, that graduation will come with "high honors." A few days after I got home from Dallas was the first day at my new job. I am now a teaching pastor at our church, Faith Bible Church. I will be teaching the second of our two Sunday services starting August 24. I am extremely excited and have been thoroughly enjoying my time of study and interaction in the office. I really can't imagine a better job to tell the truth. Please pray for me in this new position if you think about it.

The kids have been really well too. We had a fun dentist adventure lately. Andrew and Izzy both got their teeth cleaned but Andrew had to go back and get a root canal and cap. He was a trooper and the pediatric dentist office was just superb. He is very proud of his "shiny tooth" now. We've been going to local public pools often and taking trips as a family whenever we can. The summer has actually been very good (it took us about ten minutes to get a picture of them both in the air).

Thanks for your patience with us and especially your prayers. We covet them and love you. Many blessings, and now that we're back in it, more posts soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I just got back from my last week speaking at youth camps, so the family is all together again. The kids went to the dentist while I was gone and did fabulously well. We went to the pool again today, which has quickly become one of our favorite things to do. Andrew is jumping in and swimming all by himself (with the assistance of inflatable arm floaties, of course). He's very excited about this new little freedom.

Izzy is a little ill today. Her molars are coming in but the fever was a bit too high for teething issues. We are praying against another round of the strep bacteria which has plagued all four of us recently. We'll see how the night goes.

Liza is still plodding on about the same. Headaches are consistent fixtures in her world still. We're still trying to maximize her opportunities to rest but the summer schedule and sicknesses have subverted those plans. We'll keep trying and praying. Thanks for checking in with us.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week at Camp and Andrew's Birthday

We had a great week at camp - though Liza was pretty busy watching two kids as I worked (spoke 7 times in 4 days, then 4 more times this weekend). We all had a blast riding around on golf carts, swimming, playing basketball, UNO, and eating watermelon. Going to the "restaurant," or cafeteria, was also a treat they enjoyed three times a day. But when we got back it was full-on prep time for Andrew's birthday bash, which was today. It was awesome, and the rain held off just enough. We had tons of friends come over and had rented a HUGE inflatable water slide. Enjoy the pictures and many thanks to those of you who came and blessed our son with your presence and gifts. It's an understatement to say that he was overwhelmed...so were his parents. Thanks.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Date Weekend into Long Week

Liza and I actually went on a date this weekend (surprisingly, we've had several in the last couple of months). A good friend, and former student of mine, was married yesterday downtown in grand style. Liza and I got all dressed up and spent the night chatting, eating, and waiting for the right song to dance to - it finally came. It was a lovely evening. The wedding was beautiful, the bride stunning, but my date almost stole the show. In a borrowed dress, no less, she looked amazing, even though she toted her headache with her. The new muscle relaxants don't seem to be much different than the old ones yet. But we are still trying to get her some good rest and remain hopeful as to the meds. This week the whole family will go camping (in a hotel room on a campsite), as I teach the Scriptures to hundreds of junior high kids from Houston. We're all really looking forward to it, although we've still got tons of packing to do. Pray for us this week.

Please keep Liza's mum in your prayers also. Her stepfather, lovingly called "Wolf," a shortened version of his very German "Wolfgang," suffered a large stroke yesterday in Germany and is not faring well. Sonja flies to New York tomorrow and will likely be off to Germany within a couple days.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Appointment Update

Well, after waiting an hour, Liza met with our neurologists, Dr. Reza. He is terribly wonderful and warm, funny and patient. Liza enjoys his personality, candor and knowledge. They talked for a while and the good doc began to pay special attention to her neck area. He thinks that the headaches are primarily muscular and structural, meaning that she needs to focus on relaxing and healing the muscles instead of building them up. The left side of her neck muscles and shoulder muscles are noticeably more pronounced than her right. Her head even sits a little off-center because of the difference. It is this problem that is likely the cause of all the pain.

So...she is excited to try some new muscle relaxant medication samples that should help her sleep and not feel drugged in the morning. Along with better quality and more rest, relaxing physical therapy is on the menu. She goes first thing tomorrow morning. So all of this is very good news and encouraging, although today has been particularly painful (as was yesterday). Please continue to pray for my dear Liza.

Izzy's "First" Class

Well here are some precious little pictures of our precious little ballerina. Although she has actually been in two classes before, yesterday began her official entrance into a full baby class (a little tap and a little ballet). She will go twice a week for three weeks, and take it as quite an understatement that she has enjoyed it. While she was in class, Andrew and I went on a date and bought a one dollar train engine that we glued together and painted. It was awesome.

Liza is currently at the neurologists and I will report the news when she gets home. I am praying that the doc will offer some medicinal answers to the headaches. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Although she eats a lot like her father, little Izzy is all mommy's girl. Lately she's been talking more and more about ballet and we've decided to let her take a few classes at the ballet school this summer. That means...ballet gear. Liza took her on a little date today and these pictures include all of the results. She did not let the bag out of her hand from the store home, put on everything immediately upon arrival, and has not taken them off since - even through a nap. It's been much fun to watch her excitement.

Liza is doing about the same. The headaches are still here and she's only had those two days of reprieves. We've been trying to get her more rest but it would seem that other forces are not cooperating. We plan to keep our neurologist appointment on Wednesday morning and still hope to get some medication that helps.

I have started going into the church office and working on my thesis for a good amount of hours the past couple of weeks. It is slow going but I'm getting some stuff done. It has also been "officially" announced that I have accepted a fantastic teaching position at our church, Faith Bible Church. It is a full-time position that I will tackle as I finish the last few classes, and thesis, for my Masters of Theology from Dallas Seminary. Starting in late August I will be teaching in one of the Sunday morning services at our church every week. I have been given the freedom to be creative as I use the gifts our gracious Lord has given. I am terribly excited.

Andrew is also doing very well. His fourth birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and mom has been busy planning a great celebration for him. He is becoming quite the little boy. We've been enjoying local swimming pools and the summer sun the past few weeks. Next week the family will join me on my first away speaking engagement of the summer - a camp just north of us about an hour. That should be a whole lot of fun for us all.

More after Liza's appointment.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Short Reprieve

Well, unfortunately I passed on strep throat to my wife. I like to share my things. So she went to the clinic on Tuesday and got a shot of antibiotics - which for someone who used to be dreadfully afraid of shots, is a huge thing. "After brain surgery, a shot ain't nothing," she said.

And this morning, Thursday morning, she actually woke up without a headache! She said that she only had some pressure behind her eyes. A few minutes later she accidentally hit her head on a lantern hanging on our front porch and was right back in the thick of things. I think the rest has been doing her very good. I've been trying to get up with the kids and let her sleep in these past few mornings, and she's been able to get over the guilt of it (self-imposed) and take advantage. I plan on offering much more rest in the coming days. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in, the strep will leave, and the rest will relieve some of the headache pain. More soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, the performances went very well (my humble opinion), and now Liza will enjoy a little, much-needed, time off. I should have some pictures soon. This week we have little planned other than family things. We went and got the kids a blow-up pool on Monday and they've been loving that.

Although I don't work at the restaurant anymore (hallelujah), I'm beginning the speaking season for summer camps and retreats. I will speak 14 times in June and several in July - two of which will be with one of my DTS professors in the classroom. I'm very excited to be doing what I love to do.

We also made an appointment with our original neurologist for Liza today. The appointment is not until June 18, so we are thinking of looking elsewhere for less of a wait. We think that with the right medication the cycle of headaches that she has been experiencing can be broken. That would literally change her life. She's going on two months now - living, mothering, dancing, etc. - with one solid headache. It's been difficult.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Week

Well, this is the week for the performance. As I write this Liza is still at Dress Rehearsal, the kids are sleeping, and I've been laid up all day with a bad case of strep throat. There is one more rehearsal on Thursday, and then one performance on Friday night, and two Saturday. The props are done. The dances are choreographed (many of them brand new). Just a bit more practice and cleaning before the curtain is drawn. Please pray for Liza because she is going to be feeling the lack of rest, extra stress, and pain that will accompany dancing. After this weekend, she will have a good while off from teaching and dancing. During that time we hope to finalize some of the headache management. Please pray for her. Thanks.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Working through the Pain

Although, we feel like we've gotten down the road toward some resolution, Liza hasn't realized any of that resolution yet. And the next week and a half will be difficult. That is because her studio, school, and professional company are putting on an original ballet performance of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at McCullough High School next weekend (May 30, 31). You can go to http://www.balletexcelsior.org/ for more details.

This extra work and passion has really caused these tension/vascular headaches to get a little worse. She came home last night and was in a bad way. She's trying to finish and clean all of the dances and is actually dancing in several as the White Witch. By her own admission, it's a little easier to be a Witch when you're in constant pain. So please pray for her these next ten days or so. She is looking forward to taking the whole month of June off to try and recover and de-stress, that is if the children cooperate. They obviously know something is still wrong with mommy and continually swarm her when she is at home. We know that is the case because it is very different when it's just daddy.

In the meantime, we are starting to contact some neurologists so that we can get moving with the pain medication and other meds in an attempt to break the cycle of headaches. Thank you so very much for your continued reading of this blog and your prayers on our behalf. You have been such a blessing to us all.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Official Word

We've just arrived home from the doctor's office and we think, at least now, that we've received some encouraging reports. So first of all, thank you for your prayers. Let me break it down.

Dr. Comair came in and was his normal quiet, comforting, and attentive self. He asked a bunch of questions about the exact nature and location of Liza's headache pain. He then went on to explain that this type of headache was in no way related directly to the Chiari - or now, lack thereof. A Chiari-type headache comes on strong and fast, usually when an individual is lifting something or straining in some way. It then dissipates rather slowly. Liza's headache is more pressure-related, and manifests itself constantly behind her eyes and on the top of her head. Dr. Comair was certain that there was some other cause.

As the conversation continued, two types of headaches were discussed: tension headaches and vascular headaches. It is Dr. Comair's opinion that Liza is suffering through a cycle of the two types, both of which can cause pain in the sufferer for an extended period of time - Liza's headache is now almost 6 weeks old.

He then explained how the vascular and tension headaches play off of each other and repeat in a cycle - likely beginning with the extra tension Liza experienced around the several Easter dancing performances in which she participated. This tension headache led to a vascular headache which likely manifests itself in pressure-style pain.

He then took us in his office and showed us the extensive MRI images from before and after the surgery. The difference was noticeable even to our untrained eye. I think he was quite proud of his work. He also explained away other potential causes that we feared, like a leak in the incision site of cerebral spinal fluid. He actually almost chuckled at this serious question and assured us that there was a zero percent chance of a leak. He showed us on the MRI where the leak would be easily detected. That was very reassuring.

One final cause, which combined with the other headaches, began to make perfect sense. He also showed us in the MRI images how the cerebral portion of Liza's spine is also TOO straight. She asked if it was because, as a dancer, she was trained to straighten her spine. He agreed that might be true, but more likely a trained dancer that is highly aware of their body would only slightly straighten their spine beyond the NORMAL curvature that is expected. The spine normally curves three times, slightly in at the top, slightly out in the middle, and then in again near the base. This curve actually supports the weight of the head and shoulders. Without it we would all be in severe pain when we stood or sat upright. Liza's neck is apparently too straight, which is a sign that her muscles are still very much in the healing process and are "spasming" quite severely.

His prognosis: go back and see the neurologists that we saw a few times before meeting Dr. Comair and he will prescribe some medication that will help relax the muscles of the neck and another to help break the cycle of tension/vascular headaches. This will hopefully bring some relief to Liza's pain and help her neck muscles continue to heal.

And that's about it. We are encouraged by the MRI images and that there seems to be no negative results from the surgery itself, other than the continuing recovery steps, which are both necessary and difficult. Now we are going to try to make yet more appointments to bring more resolution to Liza's struggle. Thanks again for all of your concern, prayers, and thoughts. Continue to pray that she would be able to rest more - which is a big key, sleep better, and that our wonderful children would cooperate which this plan. Many blessings.

Today is the Day

Well, about 1:00 PM, Texas time, we will be headed down to Baylor College of Medicine to meet with our outstanding neurosurgeon Dr. Youseff Comair and his wonderful nurse practitioner Shirley Sebastian. We hope to get on our way toward some answers and take a substantial move in pain management today. Please pray that our visit is productive, encouraging, and pleasant. Thanks for your continued concern and prayers. More after.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Headache at the Zoo

Well, after an attempt at sleeping in, Liza offered the possibility of going to the zoo today with the kids, seeing as it was absolutely beautiful outside. The rest of us happily agreed.
It was really a lovely day. The kids haven't been in well over a year and they were both old enough to be much more involved and aware. The only problem was the one that has been plaguing our family for the last five weeks - mommy's headache. It was especially bad today for some reason.

Just one more week until our meeting with Dr. Comair and Shirley (see earlier posts). We hope to get some answers and get something to help her with the constant pain. But mostly, we need the answers. Meanwhile, we're trying to make some more massage therapy appointments to help with the pressure. Please keep praying and enjoy some pictures of our precious (most of the time) children. Actually they are quite brilliant and precious all of the time, we just have been struggling with attitudes a bit lately. Parenting.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Still an aching head

Liza is still suffering with the constant pain in her head. When I came home tonight after a long day of work she was about to go to bed and simply said that the pain was killing her. She is getting very tired and weary of the consistent inability to feel normal. Please continue to pray that she sleeps, the pain resides, and we find answers soon. Thank you for reading and especially for praying. I've seen many of you in person recently and your encouragement is truly a blessing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recent Ups and Downs

Hello my fellow blog readers. I apologize for not writing more consistently as of late. I unfortunately might have to resume my authorship post more frequently in the near future.

The last few weeks (four plus to be exact) have seen Liza struggle with some more severe symptoms. She has been suffering from a terrible pressure type headache that centers in the area of the surgery. This pressure headache has been constant, and when I say constant, that's what I mean. She wakes up with it and goes to bed with it. Sometimes it gets worse throughout the day and other times it just stays level. But it has not gone away in over a month. The medication we have available doesn't seem to help at all so we have been seeking answers elsewhere.

About ten days ago now Liza went and had yet another MRI. This time they took pictures, with and without intravenous contrast, of her full head and then of her neck and spinal area. I picked up the CD of images as soon as they were ready and mailed them to our wonderful neurosurgical team and waited for their call. As it turns out, Dr. Comair was extremely pleased with the pictures and even said he was "quite proud" of the work that was done. The pictures of Liza's spinal area around C1 and C2 are now perfect - nothing wrong at all. That's good news on the one hand. But why the headaches? The good Doc couldn't answer that right away.

So while the team reviews her case, we wait for our appointment to see them face to face yet again. That appointment is not until May 19th. So in the meantime, we would covet your prayers for Liza's health and continued healing, and most especially for freedom from the intense pain of these pressure headaches.

Many other things have been happening in the mean time. Andrew and Izzy are both doing very well and getting very "grown up." They are learning so much and have been enjoying the outdoors and actually each other lately. Andrew's first year of preschool is almost over and he has enjoyed it very much. Izzy has been privileged to attend a few "baby" ballet classes as a special treat and we can't seem to keep her from dancing. I think she wants to be just like her mommy. Andrew, as it turns out is just like his daddy. LEGOs are his new favorite toy. I have all but wrapped up yet another semester of my Masters work and have officially begun my Thesis work. I'm still working at the restaurant here in town but hope to be in ministry very soon.

Well, I think that catches us all up for now. Be watching for more frequent posts in the near future. I'll keep you up to date on all things "Liza." Please continue to pray for her. Many blessings.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Resurrection with Special Significance

This Easter was just great with our little family. We had some Easter egg hunts and spent a ton of time talking with the kids about what Jesus went through this week a long time ago. "Jesus died on the cross" I can hear Izzy saying that in her sweet little voice even now. But why did he die? "He died for you, and you, and you, and me!" Andrew says. What happened on Easter Sunday? "He rose up from the dead!" It's a beautiful thing to hear these precious and life-giving truths from the lips on the little ones you love so much. Enjoy one of the pictures we took (in Andrew's pajamas and Izzy's personal choice).

But sadly, my grandmother also died this holy week. She was 93 years old and the last of that generation on my father's side. We buried her the Monday after Easter and all I could think about during the service was the resurrection. One day. Yes, one day Jesus will rip open the sky and return with a shout and all the dead will rise. I look forward to the day when all believers will share the unhindered presence of God as a united, universal and complete church for the very first time. I have great hope that my grandmother will be there along with countless others that have gone before her. I look forward to that day.

So does Liza, actually. She is still busy with physical therapy and trying to get her body back into shape, externally and internally. She has decided to take April off from dancing to give her body a better chance of resting and healing. Keep praying for her. Many blessings.